Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Palm Oil Advert in British National Newspaper/s

Palm Oil Advert

Cockroach Productions' Orangutan Film Protection Project supplies the photo for Friends of the Earth's newspaper advert campaign.

Friends of the Earth said:

"We have already been contacted by Morrisons, who wanted to know if there was a specific reason why we felt we had to take the advert and also what we wanted to achieve by it. They appeared to be unaware that they were the last notable UK supermarket who hadn't joined the RSPO after Tesco announced they will join last week."

Certainly we, at the OFPP, have personally spoken with Morrisons on three or four occassions in the last few months urging them to develop a policy on sustainable palm oil, and was met with litle interest, or signs of proaction on their part. They had a fair warning that this issue would be likely to bring them some negative publicity if they did not act.