Friday, January 18, 2008

Latest News

Frequent visitors might have noticed the Orangutan Blog has gone a little quiet in the past few months. We are still active in Indonesia, and heavily involved in forest conservation issues, but we are working on a number of different projects.

On the orangutan front we are currently working with SOS to provide them with more films for their roadshows that are running our in the field throughout 2008, and we hope to join them in the field at some point this year to get feedback from the audiences and help us refine our outreach work as we go. It also helps to have filmmakers on hand to answer questions and to further enthuse the audience about the importance of conservation of the areas where we work.

For those of you have have stumbled across this site as a standalone blog - you should visit our more fully encompassing website of Films4Conservation - which manages the Orangutan Film Protection Project, but which also works specifically on issues of palm oil, and of social and land rights issues.

Visit and be sure to check out our most recent projects which we are currently editing

See you there!