Friday, May 27, 2005

Thanks to KATA

Cockroach Productions would like to thank Bellina and the team at KATA , in Israel, for getting behind our new production company and providing us with a backpack and raincover for our camera. The Orangutan Film Protection Project will take us into jungle where conditions are tough. We had a bag for our camera which we felt was not up to the job so we approached KATA based on the ergonomics of their design and the protection afforded by their equipment. The raincover will prove invaluable with the shooting conditions we will find ourselves in. Even when its not raining a monkey can move in the tree above you and send down a very expensive shower of water if it gets into the digital equipment. Our camera, therefore, will be protected from the elements better than we are. We will keep you updated.

The photo show Samantha Smith (from Miller - KATA's sales representatives in Australia) presenting the Director - Evania Wright and Producer - Nick Lyon with KATA's BP-502 backpack and RC-10 raincover.

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